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Asset & Estate Planning

Asset Protection and Estate & Income Tax Planning are pieces to an overall protection that only savvy investors, business people and prepared entrepreneurs set up in advance. It is virtually impossible to do a portion of it without addressing all aspects.

Pino Nicholson has dealt with the individual needs of our business clients in a cogent and effective manner that results in a comprehensive format for servicing asset protection, estate planning and tax reduction objectives and needs.

Our emphasis is on integrated estate and asset protection. We can provide anything from a simple asset protection plan to a complex estate and asset protection plan. Through the uses of Family Limited Liability Companies, Family Limited Partnerships, Corporations and numerous kinds of domestic, hybrid and foreign trusts, we protect your personal and business assets.

A strong asset protection estate plan provides a comprehensive program, which results in the following characteristics:

▪ Reduction of income and estate taxes

▪ Protection of tangible, intangible and real property interests

▪ Flexible yet stable administration and transition of assets

A competent program must be completely legal and supportable even if disclosed, otherwise unassailable, and capable of being maintained for a reasonable annual expense.

For that purpose, and while every individual or company is different, we provide for and direct a combination of the following entities and instruments.

▪ Corporations

▪ Limited Partnerships

▪ Limited Liability Companies

▪ Land Trusts

▪ Trusts (Revocable and Irrevocable)

▪ Life Insurance and Annuities

▪ Homestead Property

▪ Qualified Retirement Accounts

▪ Multi-State Structures

If you believe you, your family and/or your business can benefit from a properly constructed Plan, call us for an evaluation of your needs and for our recommendations to address them.

Lawsuits against you

Pino Nicholson consults, implements, and services asset protected Limited Liability Companies, Asset Protection Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships and estate planning entities. We do not just form entities. We plan and consult with our business and investment clients, the best way to structure an asset protection and estate plan for you. All of our Limited Liability Companies, Family Limited Partnerships, trusts and Asset Protection Trusts come with the forms and paperwork needed to provide the estate planning and asset protection planning you need. If you lose your assets – your accounts, liquid cash, small business, cars, real estate, income – you lose your family’s security. Asset protection allows you to maintain your lifestyle for you and your family.Asset protection can even prevent all your assets from being taken from you when you are elderly for expensive care.