Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Plans carry out your personal objectives for the administration and succession of your wealth. Business owners in particular benefit from effective strategies that consider asset ownership, protection, and distribution, both during life and upon death.

To help you achieve your goals, our family firm provides legal advice on a variety of legal structures such as trusts, wills, joint ownership, life insurance arrangements, and trusts. We are also retained by trustees, executors and administrators to obtain probate of wills or advise on the administration of trusts.

There are certain circumstances where individuals and families need particular support to ensure their continued financial well-being. Whether you have a family member with a disability or special needs or you want to plan for your own mental or legal incapacity, we are proud to be your trusted legal advisor.

Where matters are contested, you can rely on our litigation lawyers to resolve disputes, and where necessary, to represent you in court proceedings.

Estate planning and determining the transfer of your wealth will give you peace of mind. By liaising with our firm’s business expertise we can further help you and your beneficiaries take advantage of all available tax saving strategies. Our extensive business experience enables us to provide unique insights to facilitate your wishes.

Estate planning structures
An asset protection and estate plan requires professional structuring. Just forming entities such as Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, Corporations, or Trusts online will not be sufficient to protect your assets. It is important to know how to manage them and how to structure these entities so that they inter-relate in a way that makes sense and works.

Pino Nicholson is here to walk you through the structures and help you make the right decision regarding which is the most beneficial for your business and investments. As part of our service we bring our 30 years of expertise in asset protection and business to assist you in putting together a tax neutral and asset protected plan that makes sense both from an asset protection point of view and from an estate planning point of view.

A properly structured asset protection plan will properly segregate assets in such a way as to achieve the maximum in asset protection and in estate planning. It does not make sense to do one without the other. So focus on integrating asset protection planning and estate planning with Pino Nicholson. Done properly, it will not only keep your creditors at bay, but also allow you to avoid probate and lower your estate taxes, while lowering income and estate taxes.

Business and Investment Structures and Entities for Pino Nicholson’s Clients:

• LLCs
• S Corp
• C Corp
• Special power of appointment trusts
• Wills
• Trusts (Reversible and Irreversible)
• Family Trusts
• Estates

Pino Nicholson has a wide range of experience in estate planning and structures, with transfer of wealth, during life, upon death, and even after death.