Individual Investors

Pino Nicholson has very substantial experience over the past three decades litigating cases involving securities issues. Our firm represents individuals and businesses who have suffered financial losses due to fraudulent or misrepresented investment schemes sold by unscrupulous or inept investment promoters, investment advisors, stockbrokers, investment or insurance salesmen.

We are experienced in handling cases involving the following types of misconduct:

• Misleading or fraudulent sales pitches
• Failure to execute trading instructions
• Unsuitable recommendations on investments
• Account manipulation to generate excessive commissions
• Inadequate documentation

If you have suffered losses due to the misconduct of an investment professional, you need competent legal representation to help you recover your losses. Pino Nicholson is an experienced law firm in assisting investors to recover losses through litigation and arbitration. Our attorneys represent investors in all types of securities disputes. We handle everything from complex federal and state court litigation to individual customer arbitrations.

We can review the facts of your case on a confidential, no-cost basis, and advise you on your options for recovering your investment losses.

The following are the most common reasons Pino Nicholson’s clients have made claims against investment promoters. Together our firm can determine whether you may have been the victim of fraud or other misconduct.

1. Did you suffer losses on investments that were represented to be safe or risk-free?

2. Did you find out after you invested that the company you purchased was experiencing financial difficulties?

3. Do you have reason to believe the price you paid for your investment was excessive?

4. Was advice given by the firm’s analysts in their research reports incorrect?

5. Did your broker or promoter make investments that were not authorized by you in advance?

6. Was your money invested primarily in a high-risk venture?

7. Did your broker or promoter offer sketchy, incomplete descriptions of the companies he was recommending for investment?

8. Did the salesman, broker or promoter use high-pressure sales tactics to convince you to purchase?

9. Did you later learn that the stockbroker company owned the stock that it sold to you?

10. Did your broker or promoter first contact you by telephone from a far-away office?

11. Did your investment professional lose money that was earmarked for retirement?

12. Were your investments over-concentrated in one security or one sector?

13. Did your broker or promoter increase your investment activity through the use of margin borrowings?

14. Did your broker or promoter engage in frequent in and out trading, also known as account churning?

15. Did your broker or promoter refuse to liquidate an investment you wanted to sell?

16. Did you lose money because the broker or promoter failed to execute trades on a timely basis?

17. Did you consistently lose money on stocks recommended by your broker or promoter?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be able to recover your investment losses through a lawsuit, arbitration or a structured settlement.