Private Offering Securities Law

Pino Nicholson specializes in private placement securities offerings and federal offerings. Complying with the securities laws is crucial when raising money for a company or a real estate syndication. Among other offerings we specialize in and handle:

• Accredited Investor Exemption
• Regulation “A” Offerings – Tier I and Tier II (JOBS Act)
• Regulation “D”— Rule 505
• Regulation “D”— Rule 506c (JOBS Act)

Our firm thrives on the business spirit. Not only are we focused on structuring Private Placements, we are also focused on educating our clients and managing and consulting to help your fund flourish.

Private Placement Funds are less costly than a public placement, but private placement funds do not come without regulation or strict legal requirements. Our team understands that if you are considering raising capital for your new enterprise, privately placed debt and equity are a productive means of increasing your resources. By working with Pino Nicholson, a team of seasoned securities attorneys, you can protect yourself from unintended violations of the rules and regulations outlined in the Securities Acts.

When considering selling securities, it is important to work with lawyers who constantly review and examine the most recent changes in the law. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and state and federal courts continually interpret and re-examine the private offering exemptions outlined in Section 4(2), and traditional Regulation D, JOBS Act PPM’s found within the Securities Acts.

In the interest of getting the best return on your investment possible, Pino Nicholson can help you negotiate a favorable private placement structure that will benefit you, as well as the other investors involved in the fund. Experienced in assisting our clients form trusts, LLCs and other limited partnerships to protect their assets, we are confident that our team will be able to assist you in achieving high returns while maintaining your ability to act quickly in response to market changes.

You will find that there are services online and companies that offer templates for PPMs, but be cautious in going down that path just because it looks a lot cheaper.  If you fail to disclose something you should have and lose your exemption from registration or you step on countless minefield bends along the way, you could end up in a situation where the investment is gone, but a regulator is telling you to buy back the stock you sold the investor.  Guess who ends up holding the bag if the company is out of business at that point? 

It is always best to hire a licensed attorney, like Pino Nicholson, to assist you in this process.   Look for someone with experience in securities laws and private placements.  You can save time and money by putting together a good business plan internally, but then having our lawyers add, edit, or clarify the business plan to make it into a full and compliant PPM. Pino Nicholson will guide you and prepare your corporate structure and securities documentation; and most importantly, protect you as you raise money.

If you would like more information, have questions, or would like to schedule a call with one of our representatives to discuss your specific Securities Offering please contact us.