At Pino Nicholson we are proud of the positive feedback we continue to receive about the quality and outcome of the work we do and the commitment we have to our clients and their needs.  If you are looking for an attorney to handle your business, real estate, commercial, or securities needs, take a look at some of the comments our clients have passed along to us.

We have been working with Larry Pino and Pino Nicholson Law for many years. Even though there are many great business attorneys out there, we have found that Mr. Pino brings us much more than just expert legal advice. He has a hands-on knowledge of business practices, a mastery of financial structures, and jumps right into the daily business activities with incredible negotiation and governance skills. In the past, we have hired other attorneys, each having specific areas of expertise; however, Mr. Pino has now become our “Go-To Guy” for all our guidance needs because of his broad-based and practical business knowledge. 

Larry and his staff are absolutely delightful to work with and they all have our complete vote of confidence.

Horton (Woody) S. Johnson, CEO
Sherwood Construction


No one likes to be in the position where they have to retain legal services, but I am thankful that when my need arose Larry Pino and his team at Pino Nicholson, were there for my colleagues and me.

Larry took over our case in 2012, after reviewing our situation.  From the initial consultation he and his team worked tirelessly exploring every avenue to support our case. This included reviewing thousands of pages of documents submitted during discovery.

Larry understood that, as a sole proprietor business owner, our financial clout to fight our case was limited – but he worked with us to get the most out of his time and plan a fiscally viable case strategy.

He was totally focused on what we needed for a satisfactory outcome – making sure that we understood what our options were and the potential benefits / consequences of each. For those of us who are not exposed to the legal process on a day-to-day basis he was able to reassure us and keep us focused on our goal.

When our case went to mediation I believe it was his personal efforts that ensured we could come to an agreement in the 11th hour.

I hope I don’t need representation in the future – but if I do, I know who I am calling.

Geoff Dawson, Owner
The Pool Safety Resource


I’ve had the good fortune to know and work with Mr. Pino for the past 10 years. His business and legal knowledge is unparalleled to any other firm in the area, and he has been instrumental in helping my team structure our new business, as we rebuilt after the economic downturn in 2008. His own entrepreneurial background, combined with his legal acumen, and terrific support team at Pino Nicholson Law, make him an invaluable and absolutely critical player on any business’ team.

Martin C. Flynn, Managing member
TriStar Affordable Development, LLC


Larry Pino is most the efficient, effective, and knowledgeable business and securities attorney I have worked with to grow my business. 

I have worked with many of the top attorneys from across the country over the last 23 years and Pino Nicholson is by far the best.  As a business owner and investor I need an attorney that I can count on. Larry Pino is a masterful dealmaker not a deal breaker.   

I trust him to negotiate multi-million dollar deals and he does it with such finesses and skill that all parties come away happy and content.  He is a problem solver.  I have given him the problems people can’t figure out and even think are impossible, but Larry comes up with brilliant solutions each and every time.  

His experience as a CEO and Founder of a quarter of a billion dollar company makes him uniquely qualified to be my exclusive attorney for my personal and my business affairs. 

In fact his vast legal experience has been vital in protecting my estate and my business.  

Larry is one of the only attorneys I have seen who literally gives me a true and accurate detailed minute by minute accounting of how he is charging me and for what, thus making sure everything is transparent and fair.  

Larry gets results without question, and working with him is easy and effortless not exhausting and hard, as it is with so many other attorneys I have worked with.  

Mitchell B. Huhem, Founder & CEO
Huhem Financial Group, LLC


When you need a good lawyer you need one that is knowledgeable and experienced. Not just in the law, but maybe more importantly in life. You need a lawyer that has gone through many experiences with his clients and been in business himself.  It is very important that your lawyer can advise you based on the law but also the wisdom you can only gain by being in the arena yourself. Very few lawyers have both of these skills. Larry Pino is this kind of lawyer.

I have practiced law with Larry in the past for many years and we still work together on complicated business cases. I have also been in business with him and had him represent me personally and also my businesses in many instances. I pick him as my attorney not only because of his knowledge but his skill at negotiating and dealing with the other side. His counsel is irreplaceable on your team.

Jack W. Dicks, Esq, CEO
DN Agency


I worked closely with Larry Pino in closing a multimillion dollar billboard deal in the southwest United States. I have worked with dozens of attorneys and Larry’s performance and execution were remarkable. He has the unique ability to deliver a “bull in the china shop” message with the precision of a neurosurgeon to get things moving in the right direction. I would pick Larry to be in the trenches with me on any deal. He made sure to protect his client’s interests, while at the same time it was obvious he was motivated to get the deal done. 

Max Drachman, Vice President
Kalil & Co., Inc.


Finally… an attorney who understands my business (and life!)

For most entrepreneurs and business owners with fast-growing companies, attorneys are often seen as the “sales prevention department.” Legal teams mostly stifle growth, creativity, and innovation. And to some degree, that’s what we pay them for — to ensure our businesses are protected and secure as they grow. But if you’re lucky enough to find an amazing legal team that understands ALL of the business components (not just the legal ones), then they can empower your growth in tremendous ways. Larry Pino and his team are absolutely the “unicorn” I’ve always wanted to find. Larry is not only an incredible attorney, but also an incredibly successful entrepreneur. He understands all the business decisions and growth strategies involved in building a world-class organization. He supports our company with numerous services, general counsel, and representing us in litigation when required.

If you’re a busy entrepreneur who’s frustrated dealing with lawyers who “just don’t get it,” then I can’t recommend Larry and his team strongly enough. I’m so glad that I’ve finally found an attorney who understands all aspects of my business (and life) and has been there to support us every step of the way.

Sean Greeley
A 6x Inc 500/5000 company


I was a client of the Pino Nicholson Law Firm. They did an excellent job at representing me and my interests. They are very professional and client focused. They developed a strategy and executed the plan within a timely manner so as to optimize my recovery. They kept me informed as to what was currently happening in my case, both pros and cons. They always answered my emails and phone calls. And they always explained things in layman’s terms to make sure I understood.

I plan on using Pino Nicholson in any future legal matters that may come up. They are straight shooters and will tell you the good and the bad, always working hard on your behalf and with your input.

William S. Peterson
Retired Investor